Goals – Improve my instructional design and presentation skills

Due Date: 6/30/2021


GMP Technical Support Analysts are technical experts – but we’re also teachers. A typical tech support interaction involves a customer not only what to do (“Add HTTP referrer restriction”) but also why (“…because if you don’t, someone could copy your API key”). Also, instructional design and presentation skills come into play when working with other members of the team.

To meet this objective, I propose to review the LinkedIn Learning Path “Become an Instructional Developer” (which I originally completed in January 2020), and complete the “Develop Your Course Design and Instructional Skills” Learning Path.

I have my own LinkedIn Learning subscription, and am not dependent on other resources to complete this objective.


  • Reviewed LinkedIn Learning “Brain-Based Elearning Design” – April 2021
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “Teaching Technical Skills Through Video” – 5/5/2021
  • Reviewed LinkedIn Learning “Instructional Design Essentials: Models of ID” – May 2021
  • Reviewed LinkedIn Learning “Agile Instructional Design” – May 2021
  • Reviewed LinkedIn Learning “Instructional Design: Storyboarding” – 5/25/2021
  • Reviewed LinkedIn Learning “Instructional Design: Adult Learners” – 6/2/2021
  • Reviewed LinkedIn Learning “Instructional Design: Needs Analysis” – 6/4/2021
  • Reviewed LinkedIn Learning “Instructional Design: Creating Video Training” – 6/5/2021
  • Reviewed LinkedIn Learning “Instructional Design: Working with SMEs” – 6/15/2021
  • Reviewed LinkedIn Learning “Measuring Learning Effectiveness” – 6/17/2021
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “Training with Stories” – 6/17/2021
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “Inclusive Instructional Design” – 6/17/2021
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “Foundations of Corporate Training”- 6/19/2021
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “Inclusive Instructional Design” – 6/19/2021
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “Using Neuroscience for More Effective L&D”- 6/20/2021
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “Applying Analytics to Your Learning Program” – 6/20/2021
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “Creating a Culture of Learning” – 6/21/2021

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