Monthly Archives: August 2021

Web Development and UX Portfolio project ideas

  • Google Places Autocomplete – select a city, then search within that city’s bounding rectangle (requires updating the AutocompleteOptions dynamically)
  • Shopping list (PHP backend? Google Cloud? Heroku? Netlify? Appsheets?)
  • Exercise tracker (PHP / Heroku / GCloud / Netlify backend? Appsheets?)
  • Toastmasters contest ballots (Appsheets)
  • Mixed-mode transportation search – combine Google Maps Platform and CapMetro APIs to find the closest bus route when the start or finish is outside CapMetro’s service area.
  • Build a proxy server for Google Maps web service APIs, like Raymond Camden’s article on using Pipedream to build a proxy server for APIs. This CSS-Tricks article talks about other ways to build proxies with serverless functions. Google Cloud AppEngine or Endpoints.
  • Interactive Club Finder for Toastmasters (using Google Dynamic Maps)
  • Pomodoro and other timer as Chrome Extension
  • Google web service API tester (builder/tester?) as Chrome Extension, PowerShell GUI, and/or Electron app
  • Vocabulary flash card-type web app (Firebase/Firestore backend)
  • Re-do my Coursera PHP website using AppEngine Standard PHP backend
  • LinkedIn Learning course “Vanilla JavaScript: Ajax and Fetch”, with the Geocoding redone using Google Maps JavaScript API (using API key secured with HTTP referrer restrictions)
  • Web scraping – How many of the top 25 TED talks end with the speaker saying “Thank you”? (see for motivation)
  • Web scraping – Build a tool in Google Cloud Shell using Python to crawl a web site and look for references to Maps JavaScript API (may need to use a headless browser to access the DOM, rather than the source HTML)


Well, boy is my face red. I identified the wrong Google product to use to create chatbots. (also, I’m writing this while getting in a few minutes of exercise on my FitDesk stationary bike).

In my previous post, I identified the Hangouts Chat API as the Google product to build chatbots. Oops. I think that’s the product to use to add a chatbot into Hangouts Chat.

No, the correct product to build chatbots is Google Dialogflow. Dialogflow is where one would build the interactions that could be used in another environment, such as Hangouts.