Web Development and UX Portfolio project ideas

  • Google Places Autocomplete – select a city, then search within that city’s bounding rectangle (requires updating the AutocompleteOptions dynamically)
  • Shopping list (PHP backend? Google Cloud? Heroku? Netlify? Appsheets?)
  • Exercise tracker (PHP / Heroku / GCloud / Netlify backend? Appsheets?)
  • Toastmasters contest ballots (Appsheets)
  • Mixed-mode transportation search – combine Google Maps Platform and CapMetro APIs to find the closest bus route when the start or finish is outside CapMetro’s service area.
  • Build a proxy server for Google Maps web service APIs, like Raymond Camden’s article on using Pipedream to build a proxy server for APIs. This CSS-Tricks article talks about other ways to build proxies with serverless functions. Google Cloud AppEngine or Endpoints.
  • Interactive Club Finder for Toastmasters (using Google Dynamic Maps)
  • Pomodoro and other timer as Chrome Extension
  • Google web service API tester (builder/tester?) as Chrome Extension, PowerShell GUI, and/or Electron app
  • Vocabulary flash card-type web app (Firebase/Firestore backend)
  • Re-do my Coursera PHP website using AppEngine Standard PHP backend
  • LinkedIn Learning course “Vanilla JavaScript: Ajax and Fetch”, with the Geocoding redone using Google Maps JavaScript API (using API key secured with HTTP referrer restrictions)
  • Web scraping – How many of the top 25 TED talks end with the speaker saying “Thank you”? (see https://www.facebook.com/groups/ToastmastersInternationalMembers/posts/10158908546323542/ for motivation)
  • Web scraping – Build a tool in Google Cloud Shell using Python to crawl a web site and look for references to Maps JavaScript API (may need to use a headless browser to access the DOM, rather than the source HTML)

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