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Instructional Design and eLearning Portfolio Ideas

  • Google Maps Platform projects:
    • Choosing your APIs
    • Securing your API keys
  • Setting up a VM for development using Google Cloud Free Tier (public version)
  • Smaller Google Cloud portfolio projects:
  • Distinguished Club Program infographic (static first, then dynamic)
  • Toastmasters Pathways projects for Job Seekers – “Make Connections Through Networking (3)”; “Prepare for an Interview (3)”; “Building a Social Media Presence (4)”
  • Marketing Yourself on LinkedIn
  • Leadership in Toastmasters – “the MF ManiFesto (develop in online guest speeches at clubs on the way to DTM)”; “why we gotta keep getting more members?”; “The SMART Distinguished Club Program – it’s development for you”; “20 or Plus 5” (keynote-length speech for PM5)
  • eLearning for Toastmasters Club Coaches / Club Mentors / Club Sponsors
  • eLearning for Toastmasters club meeting roles – Toastmaster, General Evaluator, Evaluator, Grammarian, Timer
  • Blended learning Toastmasters Club Officer Training (able to be delivered by Area Directors)
  • Adaptive testing project – ???
  • Losing Weight – “‘Diet’ means ‘way of life'”; “Your Hybrid Powerplant (old TM speech)”; “What does ‘fat-burning zone’ mean on exercise bikes?”; “What is Max Heart Rate, exactly?”; “calculating Basal Metabolic Rate (history of BMR calculations)”; “is metabolic advantage a thing?”; “Muscle burns HOW MANY calories?”; “can you exercise yourself thin?”;
  • Visual Guide to Git
  • Job aids using PowerShell GUI or Electron / Ionic apps

Links for Instructional Designers

Skills for corporate Instructional Designers

I’m thinking about changing careers to Instructional Design / Development. As part of my thought process, I wondered what the currently preferred software package is, so I asked a question in the Instructional Design group on Facebook.

One response included a set of skills that corporate IDs should know – I wanted to save that set here:

  • consulting
  • storyboarding
  • adult learning theory
  • analysis methods
  • engagement
  • evaluation methods
  • graphic design
  • LMS knowledge

I’m sure I’ll find more in the future.