Goals – Complete PowerShell script to sign Static Maps URLs

Due Date: 6/30/2021


Complete a PowerShell script to sign Static Maps URLs (using a secret signing key copied from the GCP Console). The script will be usable as a function to sign URLs in other PowerShell scripts, or also be able to accept URLs as strings in a command line pipeline.After completing the script and accompanying documentation, I will complete a project one-pager to have the script added to the existing Github repository of Static Maps signing tools (at http://googlemaps.github.io/url-signing/index.html )


  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “PowerShell: Functions for Advanced Automation” (6/18/2021)
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “PowerShell: Automating Administration” (6/18/2021)
  • Added code to script module on my work VM and was able to use the function to sign a URL (6/18/2021)
  • Reviewed other URL Signing Samples, and edited my script module to provide a similar level of functionality (6/28/2021)

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