Goals – Improve front-end development skills

Due Date: 12/31/2021


Supporting GMP APIs requires a solid grounding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, we often see customers developing their websites using the React library.

I propose to upgrade my front end development skills by:

  1. completing LinkedIn Learning Path “Become a Junior WordPress Developer”, developing a WordPress child theme (complete by July 31), and developing a WordPress theme from scratch (complete by August 31)
  2. completing a selection (TBD) of LInkedIn Learning courses in modern (vanilla) JS, and implement a web page enhanced with modern vanilla JavaScript (complete by October 31)
  3. complete LInkedIn Learning Paths “Become a React Developer” and “Improve Your React Skills”, and implement a web page using React.js (complete by December 31)


  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “First Look: WordPress Full-Site Editing” 4/25/2021 (1)
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “Version Control for Everyone” 4/25/2021 (1, 2, 3)
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning  “JavaScript Essential Training” 5/2/2021 (1, 2)
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “CSS Essential Training” 5/10/2021 (1, 2)
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “HTML Essential Training” 5/12/2021 (1, 2)
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “Making Sense of the CSS Box Model” 5/13/2021 (1,2)
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “WordPress: Accessibility” 5/14/2021 (1)
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “WordPress: Custom Post Types and Taxonomies” 5/15/2021 (1)
  • Reviewed LinkedIn Learning “WordPress: Building Child Themes” 5/24/2021 (1)
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “Building a Google Maps App with JavaScript” (new beginner course) 5/29/2021
  • Re-reviewed “WordPress: Building Child Themes” and made notes of all the good stuff (6/1/2021) (1)
  • Reviewed LinkedIn Learning “WordPress: Building Progressive Themes with WP Rig” (6/11/2021) (1)
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “Build a Flashcard App with Vanilla JavaScript and Bootstrap” (6/15/2021) (2)
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “WordPress: Advanced Custom Fields” (6/29/2021) (1) (this was the last course of the “Become a Junior WordPress Developer” curriculum)

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