Trains, Planes, Automobiles (and Buses) (part 2)

So I couldn’t afford to fly, and I didn’t want to take the risk of driving our 1997 Hyundai to Michigan. I figured that had me looking at a long bus trip. Go Greyhound! I’m so happy, I could just jump for joy.

Since my wife and I took that horrible bus trip, Greyhound acquired a competitor – Megabus. In the spirit of this, the “Good News – Bad News Tour”, here are some pros and cons of Megabus:

The Good News:

  • Megabus is cheap. I priced a trip from Austin to Ann Arbor at around $100, a bit more than half the Greyhound price.
  • Megabus promises more amenities – WiFi and AC power outlets at every seat on every bus. Greyhound Express buses also have WiFi and power, but not every Greyhound route is a Greyhound Express route.

The Bad News:

  • From what I’ve read, Greyhound drivers are unionized, and Megabus drivers are not. As a progressive, I like to support union workers when possible.
  • Unlike Greyhound, Megabus’s site wouldn’t ticket me all the way from Austin to Ann Arbor. From Austin, I could get a ticket to Dallas (or Houston). From Dallas, I could get a ticket to Chicago (or other destinations). And from Chicago, I could get a ticket to Ann Arbor.
  • Also unlike Greyhound, Megabus doesn’t have bus stations. You catch your Megabus on a street corner. You have a five-hour wait for your connecting bus? Hope you like standing around with your luggage.

Despite the downsides, I’d about decided to take Megabus, until my wife asked…

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