Goals – Port Google Maps Web Services library functionality to PowerShell

Due Date: 11/30/2021


The “Client Libraries for Google Maps Web Services” are community-supported libraries for Python, Java, Node.js, and Go. I propose to port the functionality of the Node.js library to PowerShell as an exercise to improve my own knowledge of these libraries and practice software engineering practices like version control and testing.

NOTE: after viewing the Node.js GitHub repo and dipping into the README, I have changed the Completion Data for this item to November 30 2021. I want to get more comfortable with Node.js before writing any significant amount of PowerShell code to replicate the functions of this library. I may decide to base my PowerShell port on the Python library instead, particularly if the Node.js library makes heavy use of Node.js features that would be difficult to implement in PowerShell.


  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “PowerShell: Functions for Advanced Automation” (6/18/2021)
  • Completed LinkedIn Learning “PowerShell: Automating Administration” (6/18/2021)

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