Goals – Create new version of ‘WordPress issues with Google Maps’ document

Due Date: 7/31/2021


I propose creating a Version 2.0 of the ‘WordPress issues with Google Maps’ resource to document Google Maps-related WordPress plugins and themes. 

This resource would include a schema to show the desired information to include about each plugin, such as.:

  • Theme or plugin Name (required entry)
  • Purpose of the plugin (if not apparent from the name)
  • Is there a free version of the plugin? Premium? 
  • Unify or Vector cases where the plugin was seen in the wild 
  • Link to the plugin’s entry at https://wordpress.org/plugins/ 
  • Link to the developer’s support page
  • Maps APIs actually required or used (including the endpoints – JS versus web service)
  • Screenshot of the theme’s or plugin’s Maps API configuration in the WordPress dashboard. (this would require setting up the plugin on a test WordPress install, unless a customer’s screenshot from a case is available)
  • Screenshot of the theme’s or plugin’s WordPress configuration under common error conditions (Geocoding or Places API not enabled, Maps JavaScript not enabled, billing disabled, etc)
  • Screenshot of the plugin or theme in use (from a test install)

An additional part of the solution would be a mechanism to nominate new themes or plugins for analysis. This mechanism could be a bug, or could be internal to the document (similar to the “Pending Questions” section of go/maps-tos-faq )

Also, to facilitate multiple contributors, the document should include a “How to contribute” appendix. This appendix could include how-tos for setting up or accessing a test WordPress install,

After creating the document and adding all the plugins and themes in the current ‘WordPress issues with Google Maps’ , I will complete a project one-pager to use the new version in place of the current one.


  • Installed XAMPP and Bitnami WordPress on Google Cloud VM – 6/3/2021

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