Build a chatbot for language learning?

I’ve been interested in learning languages for most of my life. One thing I struggle with is making the jump from class, book, or app to conversation.

Today I had a thought – what if we used chatbots as a stepping stone between the book/app knowledge and real-world conversations?

I work for Google, so my first thought was to see if Google has a Chatbot API. Turns out, there’s a Hangouts Chatbot API that can be used for free. Score!

But it’s not the only free chatbot API out there – here’s a list of 10 chatbot APIs (including Google’s)

Now the question is – which ones make it easy (or even possible) to build chatbots in another language?

Skills for corporate Instructional Designers

I’m thinking about changing careers to Instructional Design / Development. As part of my thought process, I wondered what the currently preferred software package is, so I asked a question in the Instructional Design group on Facebook.

One response included a set of skills that corporate IDs should know – I wanted to save that set here:

  • consulting
  • storyboarding
  • adult learning theory
  • analysis methods
  • engagement
  • evaluation methods
  • graphic design
  • LMS knowledge

I’m sure I’ll find more in the future.

A JavaScript Map

My first home: