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Google Maps memorializes Richard Overton

From the Austin American-Statesman –
Herman: Thanks to Google Maps, Mr. Overton is still sitting on his porch

Before his death at the age of 112, Austin resident Richard Overton was known as the oldest WWII veteran and the oldest man in America.

Google Maps Street View has been showing Mr Overton sitting on his front porch at his home in east Austin:  Google Maps Street View shows Richard Overton, WWII veteran

Chrome’s new drawing app

Since starting to work as a TVC for Google, I’ve gotten used to using a Chrome OS at work. One thing I’ve missed is a painting app for quick-and-dirty edits of screenshots and the like. I’m hesitant to search the Chrome browser store every time I want an app that I’m used see bundled into Windows, so mostly I’ve just taken care of where I carved out my screenshots before sending them to customers.

Well, those of us on the Chrome OS (and anyone who uses the Chrome browser) now have a quick drawing tool readily available, according to Mashable.

Canvas can be accessed at, without downloading an app. It’s got the basics – just enough to obscure an account number or other identifying information, or circle the single entry field that needs attention on a form, before forwarding a screenshot to a customer.